Before you join/create a paid tournament: Make sure your gamer tags are listed correctly on your Gamers Booklet profile. Deposit money in to your account/wallet. Read the overall tournament rules/regulations and the rules for whichever game you’re interested in playing. You must be over 18 years of age. If you’re from Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, South Dakota, South Carolina, or Tennessee, then you are not allowed to participate in paid tournaments. You must verify your identity in order to compete in paid tournaments.
During a tournament: Make sure you are ready to play when the tournament starts. Check the bracket to see who your opponent is. Open their profile to see their gamer tag and start a friendly game with them. Set the game rules to match the settings we have provided. Play through the match and report the winner and score on the Gamers Booklet tournament page. We recommend taking a video of the match/ taking screenshots, so you have evidence of your win or opponent cheating, if there’s a dispute. If you win, be ready to play your next match 1 hour after the start time of the previous round. After a tournament: Make sure your winnings get deposited in to your account/wallet. Play some practice matches and create or join your next tournament!
That can go in the ‘after tournament’ section. And you’re correct on the percentages. Winner gets 90% of the total pot from that tournament and 10% goes to Gamers Booklet for platform fees. That could go in the ‘before tournament’ section. Thanks for your help!
Madden 20
Counter Strike
Rocket League
Six Siege
Soul Calibur
Street Fighter V
NHL 20
Mortal Kombat
NBA 2K20